The following text is a summary of the two theories of Constantinos Statheros, as they appear in "Mental Varieties in the Human Species" and "The Origin of Homosexuality" respectively.

Both texts were written by himself, Konstantinos Statheros, to be used by interested journalists. Use of the excerpts requires the Law (2121/1993) to mention and cite him and his bookstore's website ( ).

"Based on my theory, in essence what classical psychology and psychiatry call behavioral disorders but with high functionality are nothing but well-formed and adapted psychoneurological varieties in the human species, developed by Natural Selection. For, it is highly contradictory and paradoxical to classify a behavior as "disordered" and at the same time label the "disordered" as healthy, as it implies with the false term "high functioning".

Furthermore, classical psychology is against and contrary to the basic assumptions of evolutionary theory. According to classical psychology, disorder is considered that which deviates. Therefore, "healthy" according to her, is the audience. On the contrary, with the evolutionary theory, we recognize that varieties are created within a species, and as a variety we define that which has been differentiated from the main - common. Therefore, according to the evolutionary theory, a set of individuals can differentiate from the main type group, thus creating differentiated morphologies and behaviors. Therefore, there are differentiated behaviors rather than disordered ones. Part of the autism spectrum, part of psychopathy and narcissism, and part of the schizoid group are not disorders, but mental varieties in the human species. Mental disorders, of course, such as schizophrenia, depression, etc. they do not cease to exist and in my compilation they are separated.

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that classical psychology is not even consistent with its own theory, as it arbitrarily and from (almost exclusively) social criteria determines which behaviors are disorders and which are not. Homosexuality, which is certainly a deviant behavior, is no longer considered a disorder, while autism, which is equally a deviant behavior, is. Classical psychology has no scientific evidence to prove why it considers some deviant behaviors to be disorders and others to be "normal manifestations" of man. In fact, there are two theories regarding homosexuality. One is that which claims to be a disease; and the second is mine, which is the only complete theory of how and why homosexuality arose, not only in man, but in every species in which it is observed. And I mean it when I say that my theory is the final answer to the evolutionary question of homosexuality.

Also, it is very paradoxical that classical psychology attempts to treat untreatable behaviors. Freud was the first to conclude that homosexuality cannot be a disorder precisely because it cannot be cured. Could it be that some of these untreatable behaviors, such as autism, narcissism, psychopathy, are not mental disorders, but mental varieties? Recently, there was a terrible crime of killing a wife in Greece, and in the ANT1 newscast, a Greek psychiatrist was trying to explain that the person who committed this act is not disturbed because there is no treatment or medicine that can change it behavior, and that these people are "born this way". There are therefore too many psychiatrists and scientists trying to do the right thing, but with a completely wrong tool and theoretical background. Because, classical psychology is based on an inconsistent theory, more social than evolutionary, which is, as I write in my book, the last remnant of medieval thought. And the reason why it is, I describe it in my work "Mental Varieties in the Human Species".

You will now expect me to describe to you my second theory on the Origin of Homosexuality. But I have to admit that I have never liked trailers as a means of promoting films. And for this reason, I will say nothing about this second theory, except that it is based on a mechanism that I described in my work, and called the law of "Nearest Available". And it is this law that can explain not only homosexuality, but a set of phenomena such as sequential hermaphroditism (which is the complete and functional change of sex), parthenogenesis, sperm storage, gynogenesis, pseudogamy, and inverted love in the genres where, while the act remains heterosexual, the male and female have exchanged their roles'.