"Paros: Ancient and Pirate Past" Press Release

Paros history book


The book "Paros: Ancient and Pirate Past" is released in June by Konstantinos Statheros Publications. After his writing tour in the field of philosophy, psychology and evolutionary biology, the writer, researcher and publisher Konstantinos Statheros moves to the science of history to give his own unique personal writing mark here as well. It is about the presentation of the history of Paros, birthplace of the creator, seen, however, from different perspectives. The author is not content with quoting yet another historical treatise, but enriches his text with all those elements that make up the beauty and uniqueness of the Cycladic island; history is chosen with culture. Here you will follow the journey of the first inhabitants of the island to Giali in the Dodecanese to obtain the famous obsidian stone; you will admire the victory of the Parians of antiquity against the all-powerful Athenians, but you will also be shocked by the atrocities they suffered at the hands of the infamous pirate Barbarossa; you will see aspects of the island during the time it was under Venetian occupation and you will learn the story of the captive Pariani who was destined to become a sultan in the Ottoman Empire. And at the same time, you will discover a new aspect of the sunset, as the sun's rays will penetrate the brilliant Parian marble, the material chosen by Napoleon the Great for his tomb.

In the pages of the book you hold in your hands, unknown aspects of Parian history unfold, through many local and anecdotal references. Reading it will allow you to return to the island whenever you wish.

For more information about obtaining the book at a wholesale price from hotels, bookstores or even cafes, please contact: info@kstatheros.com

Text editing: Eleni Sokratous