The book "Schizophrenia in my teacher Socrates", by Konstantinos Statheros , is published by Constantinos Statheros Publications. The author, researcher and publisher presents all those evidence - symptoms that confirm the above finding. The famous "Socratic demon" is analyzed, which was not an inner voice, despite the philosopher's psychosis. Other features are also mentioned, such as neglect of personal hygiene, incomprehensible incoherent speech, symptoms of embrodesis and catalepsy. Seen differently, "Socratic irony" is also presented, as a symptom of concrete perception, i.e. the inability of people with schizophrenia to perceive the meaning of metaphorical sentences.

Through thorough analyzes of the writings of Plato and Plutarch as well as other writers and philosophers, the author interprets all the hidden points that support his claim, to arrive at the position that the allegory of the Cave was ultimately a symbolic description of the schizophrenia of the great philosopher.

This is an original study -unprecedented for Greek data- which approaches with great sensitivity and respect the special characteristics of Socrates, who, after all, was for the author a great teacher and inspirer of other literary works.

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