The book "Mental Varieties in Human Kind" by Konstantinos Statheros is published by Constantinos Statheros Publications. In this study author, researcher and editor Konstantinos Statheros redefines the term disorder. According to classical psychology, deviant behavior is considered a disorder. This definition, however, is inconsistent with evolutionary theory, as some subsets of the same species tend to differentiate, thus creating distinct varieties. If we accept that variety is generally defined as that which deviates from the common type, problems arise as to the clarification of the term "disorder". Are there, after all, simple differences in behavior or behavioral disorders? In simple terms, the author demonstrates that what classical psychiatry lists as symptoms of a disorder, are nothing more than the characteristic features of a...mental variety. Autism, narcissism, and even psychopathy are not psychoneurological disorders, but psychoneurological varieties in the human species. In this volume, the author demonstrates that the existing view is characterized more by changing social perceptions than by the rules and framework of evolutionary science. After all, it is paradoxical that the same science considers other "deviant behaviors" as normal variations of human behavior - such as homosexuality - and considers others as disorders, failing to provide scientific criteria for this ambivalent approach. Clearly, the fact of the existence of mental illnesses is not disputed. However, it becomes necessary - and this is attempted here - the foundation of a new view for their distinction and finally the formation of a psychological approach that will be consistent both with evolutionary science and with itself.

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