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The Origin of Homosexuality: Reasons for the Occurrence and Maintenance of the Phenomenon in Nature

Evolutionary Biology's complete answer to the emergence and maintenance of homosexuality in nature is published in a book.

Press release from Statheros Publications

With this Press Release, we would like to announce the publication of the book "The Origin of Homosexuality" by researcher, author and publisher Konstantinos Statheros, which contains his theory on the final answer to how and why the phenomenon of same-sex love appeared not only in man, but also in every other species in which it is found. The final evolutionary answer is given in Chapters 3,4,5 and 6, while in Chapters 1,2 and 7 the psychodynamic analysis of the phenomenon in humans (in specific cultures) is provided. The book consists of 268 pages and is currently available exclusively from the author's official online bookstore "". Communication is possible through the email address: .

March 22, 2022