Mitologia Greca: Chiavi di Lettura Inedite - Konstantinos Statheros

Mitologia Greca: Chiavi di Lettura Inedite - Konstantinos Statheros

Κανονική τιμή
Τιμή Έκπτωσης
Κανονική τιμή
Τιμή μονάδας
Ο φόρος περιλαμβάνεται.

The Greek mythology, rich in symbols and enigmatic messages, is finally revealed and exposed to the exceptional interpretations of the author, who will travel between the fatigue of Heracles and the heinous murder of his family, passing from the wings of Pegasus to the god Eros, al mito di Atalanta and all'important role di Afrodite. In this book, the debut of two exclusive interpretations of the myths proposed by the author, one of which concerns the most famous allegory of the western world, that of Plato's cave and Socrates' truth...

The recensioni sull'autore e la narrative dal vivo:

"Konstantinos ci ha regalato un'esperienza spensierata, educativa e funtente." It is an acculturato host, as well as a persona adorabile (...), capable of fascinating and instructive. Non resterete delusi!'

Davis, United States.

"Konstantinos is a man of great culture, as well as an attentive and gentle narrator: he has answered all our thousand questions and has always shown concern in the face of each of us. His energy is contagious and he has a true vocation for narration. Abbiamo imparato tantissimo.”

Chez, United Kingdom.

"Konstantinos is a perspicacious and attentive narrator (...). Parlare con lui è un'esperienza unica che consiglio vivamente."

Alex, Switzerland.


Title: Mitologia Greca

Subtitle: Chiavi Di Lettura Inedite

Author: Konstantinos Statheros

Publisher: Konstantinos Statheros

Size: 21X14.8 cm

Pages: 104

Weight: 130 gr. (roughly)

Published: June 2023

ISBN: 978-618-86684-0-9