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Paros Ancient & Pirate Past - Konstantinos Statheros

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This book is a brief history of Paros with many up to now unpublished facts from its Νeolithic and Golden Ancient past to Barbarossa's attack in 1537 A.D., narrated in a fun and informative way by the 5-star rated local storyteller Konstantinos Statheros.


Only some of the exciting facts the reader will learn from the book:

  • The 200 km sail of Paro's first inhabitants to Gyali island for the exploit of obsidian stone.
  • The Paros state inflicted a humiliating defeat on the Athenians after the latter sided with the Persian Empire.
  • Napoleon wished to have his tomb made of Paros marble.
  • Sunlight could enter 7 cm inside Paros marble, making it the shiniest and the finest in Greek Antiquity.
  • How the 4th Crusade made Paros a colony of the Venetian Republic.
  • How did Piracy affect Medieval life in the Aegean islands?
  • Why are the Cycladic streets too narrow?
  • Barbarossa's atrocities on the people of Paros in 1537.
  • The captured Parian woman who was destined to become an Ottoman empress.




Title: Paros Ancient & Pirate Past

Subtitle: A Chronicle of Paros

Author: Konstantinos Statheros

Publisher: Konstantinos Statheros

Size: 21X14.8 cm

Pages: 104

Weight: 130 gr.

Published: June 2022

ISBN: 978-618-85961-2-2