Press Release for the new book on the history of Paros

Press Release for the new book on the history of Paros


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The book was published in June 2022. It is available for online order on (click here). Worldwide shipping is also available.

   Statheros Publishing House, established in Naoussa of Paros, is proud to present the release of our new book “Paros Ancient and Pirate Past” by Konstantinos Statheros. Konstantinos Statheros is an evolutionary psychology and biology researcher and a critically acclaimed local storyteller!

   “This is not another basic history book”, the author says, “but a lively, informative, and fun narration of the history of Paros, from a local to the visitor of Paros”. “It’s my hymn to Paros and the visitor will be able to get to know the island’s past from 4.500 BC to 1537 A.D., from the age of the Neolithic Fat Lady idol to the cruel Barbarossa arrived in Paros”.

In the book, you’ll find unpublished facts which have been known only among scholars.

Here are -only- some of the exciting facts the reader will learn from the book:

  • The 200 km sail of Paro's first inhabitants to Gyali island for the exploit of obsidian stone.
  • The Paros state inflicted a humiliating defeat on the Athenians after the latter sided with the Persian Empire.
  • Napoleon wished to have his tomb made of Paros marble.
  • Sunlight could enter 7 cm inside Paros marble, making it the shiniest and the finest in Greek Antiquity.
  • How the 4th Crusade made Paros a colony of the Venetian Republic.
  • How did Piracy affect Medieval life in the Aegean islands?
  • Why are the Cycladic streets too narrow?
  • Barbarossa's atrocities on the people of Paros in 1537.
  • The captured Parian woman who was destined to become an Ottoman empress.

You can find the book at Aoussa Jewellery, owned by our family, or in other local stores.


by Statheros Publishing House